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About Odyssey

At Odyssey, we offer customized environmental education programs for children in nature settings, short-term training programs for students, and specialized employee training programs aligned with a company's environmental objectives.

In the midst of rapidly evolving environmental changes and challenges, our programs are meticulously designed to cater to the distinctive and unique needs of our clients. 

Our Message

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Nurturing Self-Confidence
in our Future Generation 

At Odyssey, we cultivate a learning environment that empowers children to take initiative outside the influence of adult opinions, allowing them to independently make their own decisions and actions. I often hear from parents, "I want my child to speak with confidence, but how should I approach them?" and "I want my child to be active internationally in the future!" Children have more communication skills than we initially imagine, at Odyssey we value each child's personality and individuality the most. In addition, our staff, who are active professionals in various fields both domestically and internationally, are here to assist you in fostering your child's confidence through open and meaningful dialogue. 

ODYSSEY Co-Director

Miku Narisawa

Our Navigators

Our team is supported by our navigators who are specialists in various fields of the nature and environment such as:
nature education, environmental studies, marine environment, and industries such as fisheries, agriculture, and energy
We have all come together to build a better future together with you. 

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Miku Narisawa

Co-Director / Founder

Peace Environmental Studies


Yasuhiro Otomo

Sea・Environmental Education


Futoshi Aizawa

Marine Environment・

Food Education


Kaito Fukuda

Marine environment


Koichi Goto


Oyster Specialization


Momoka Itaya



Shun Minai


Energy Cultivation

Roles of Navigators


Sharing Knowledge of the Environment

The navigators of Odyssey are local fishermen, farmers, and other community member specialists within various fields of the natural environment both in Japan and abroad. They share their wealth of extensive knowledge and wisdom with both participating children and adults. Presenting diverse and unique perspectives of those who live in harmony with nature. 

Valuing Children's Opinions

In our program, we highly value the child's developmental journey of autonomous thought and action. Through fostering a positive environment, our navigators support each child's individual considerations, decisions, and collaboration. Through this process we aim to cultivate the child's confidence and self-autonomy.

Building a Mindset in Becoming
a Global Leader 

Many of our navigators have extensive experience working abroad. ​As such, the program curriculum is designed to develop each student's capacity for viewing diverse perspectives, expressing their ideas effectively, and embracing  multiculturalism.

​Our English program not only provides exposure to authentic English conversations but also an opportunity to develop practical communication skills that are applicable in real-world scenarios. 

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